Curly Hair Don’t Care: Gorgeous Summer Curls Now!

It’s finally that time of year again people!  The time for BBQ’s, short shorts, crop tops, and beautiful beach hair!  All my people up north know that we deserve this warm weather, especially after the insane winter we experienced.  It’s time to be summertime fine:)  During the summer, no one wants to spend time fussing with the flat iron or the blow dryer, especially when the humidity is going to turn your hair into a frizz ball anyway.  Here’s how to make the best the summer and get beautiful frizz-free summer curls that are beach, pool and BBQ ready.
The key to beautiful curls is moisture!  Hair needs to be well moisturized and conditioned, otherwise it’ll be dry, frizzy, and limp.  No matter if I decide to style my hair curly or straight, deep conditioner is my best friend.  One of my favorite deep conditioners is a Wheat Germ Mask by Salerm.  I usually apply it once a week with a conditioning cap.  It keeps my dry, thick hair well balanced and moisturized.  For a more natural conditioner, you can also use foods you already have in your kitchen.  You can make your own conditioner using one egg, a couple spoonfuls of mayonnaise, and a tea spoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Avocado and bananas also work to moisturize and condition the hair.


Now adays, there are tons of products on the market for curly hair.  It’s a game of trial and error.  If you hair is fine, you may only need mousse.  If your hair is thicker, you may need a leave-in conditioner or a curly custard or styler.  Some great brands that I’ve tried are Mixed Chicks, Cantu, Kinky-Curly, Curls Unleased and Miss Jessie’s. One product in particular that my roommate recently tried and loves is Miss Jessie’s Multi-Cultural Curls.

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But wait, lettme take a selfie:)  Let’s get selfie ready and let the summer fun begin!!  Another tip for curly fun in the sun is if you’re going to use different products on your hair, try your best to use the same brand.  For example, Kinky-Curly’s styling custard goes best with Kinky-Curly’s Knot- today leave-in detangler.  Of course, everyone’s hair is different so if different products work for you, great.  Depending on the product, you can use a diffuser after application or just let it it hair-dry.  Typically in the summer, I let my hair air-dry.  It feels soo good to have wet hair in the NY heat.  Follow me on instragram @Mi55Tiffani and show me some of your fav summertime styles!  Summer has just begun my friends:)

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