Obama vs. Romney: Case of Who Wore it Best, First Lady Edition

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The buzz from last night’s debate between Obama and Romney was less about who debated better and more about who wore it better: Michelle Obama vs. Ann Romney. Both of the wonderful women wore the exact same shade of pink. Was it a coincidence or was it in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Or did their stylists peak into each other’s closets? The First lady wore a Michael Kors dress with a matching cropped jacket that flattered her shape very well. She wore a simple strand of pearls. I love pearls, to me they show poise and elegance. Mrs. Romney wore a cap-sleeved textured dressed and accessorized it with double-stranded turquoise beads. I am not a fan of the way Romney accessorized her outfit. It was very playful, but I do not think it was appropriate for a serious, crucial debate. Plus I feel that her outfit was a bit matronly and not as classy as Obama’s attire. I think Obama won this debate. So what do you guys think, who wore it better? Rock the Vote!

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images

Picture Courtesy of Getty Images


Thrifty Decisions: Great Deals & Amazing Prices

Looking for that perfect outfit, jacket, shoes or accessory but don’t have a lot of money to spare? Shopping on a budget or you just want an item that is truly “vintage”? Well, thrift shopping is a great way to get lots of amazing clothing articles, accessories, and shoes for dirt cheap while still looking great. It may sound extremely cliché but the fact of the matter is, “One Man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. You’d be amazed at the quality of items people throw away! At many thrift stores, you’ll find items that are gently worn , almost-new, and even brand new! The key to thrift shopping is going to shops in the right areas. Many people (I find myself guilty of this as well), throw out or donate good quality clothes! We wear something once, and get tired of it quickly or we buy a cute blouse, but it’s too small and it’s too late to return it to the store. Clothes/shoes/accessories deserve a second-time around! In New York City, you can find many thrift shops, second-hand stores, and consignment shops that have many fabulous finds.

I landed this brand-new suit, tickets still attached and all, for FIFTEEN DOLLARS! at a Thrift Store located in Roslyn, NY called the Junior League Thrift shop. It was a beautiful lined-suit that was easily worth $100+ dollars. Where else can you buy a brand-new quality suit for $15?! All young people attempting to make their way into the job market need a suit like this. I actually wore this suit on one interview so far, and the interviewer kept complimenting me on how great I looked!

My friend landed these almost-new BCBG glittery-gold pumps for just $25 from the same location. She also landed a cute orange skirt for just $1! Yes, one-dollar! You never know what you may find if you just look. The best part about the thrift store was that the proceeds go to charity.

My friend Antoinette is a frequent thrift store shopper. She scored this great outfit from a thrift store in Downtown Brooklyn, NY. Her cute peek-a-boo white blouse and her sky-blue skinny jeans with flowers were just $10 each! Great price for a great outfit! Especially a last minute outfit for a trip to Atlantic City! =)

I went to two separate Halloween parties last year and I did not want to buy a new Halloween costume. Instead I bought this purple bustier for $10 and this black/white plaid shirt for $5 from a thrift store in West Hempstead on Hempstead Turnpike. I paired the bustier with a playful mask and tights and there was my first costume for $10! I paired the plaid shirt with shorts and I was a cowgirl for the next party. Why not buy your costume from thrift stores and save money?!?! It only takes a few pieces to come up with a cool costume.

There are so many thrift stores throughout NYC and Long Island. Buffalo Exchange is a great “recycled” clothing store found in various parts of the country. I found a brand new Kathy Van Zeeland purse for just $15 there. Finding good like-new to new name brand clothes is all about going to the right area! Try to go to stores in prominent areas. They say NYC is the best place to find great deals. Shop around! Don’t be a afraid shop second-hand, it’s always better the second-time around! =)

Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

As the nights get cooler and the days become shorter, the sad realization that summer is ending and fall is beginning entered my thoughts. Labor day has come and gone, swimming pools are closed, the kids are finally back in school and fall is here! Not to fear, these hot fall items will surely warm up these cool September nights. It’s time for Fall 2012 trends!

My number one fall 2012 trend is snake print! From the runway, to the crossway, snake print is everywhere! From pants, to purses, to shoes and belts, snake print is a popular trend that is not going away. The key to rocking snake print is learn to wear it in moderation. Don’t over do it with snake print everything. The motto is less is more. I personally love a pair of Skinny Jean Snake print pants paired with a simple black top and black shoes. I found an awesome pair of INC brand snake-print skinny jeans at Macy’s for $79.50. Another one of my obsessions that is perfect for any season (especially the fall) is leopard print! I am obsessed with leopard print! Again the key to wearing leopard is moderation! You do not want to walk out the house looking like you came from the jungle! Check out the Guess? Leopard print pants pictured above. Aren’t they cute?!

The next trend I’m kind of feeling for Fall is metallic pants. They’re perfect for a night out on the town with your girls or a nice date night with that special someone. Jean Paul Gaultier featured metallic pants in his Fall 2012 collection in Paris. Again, the key to wearing metallic is to take it in moderation! I would do a cute pair of metallic pants with a black blazer. It shows that your professional side can be a bit edgy. I’m also loving the metallic handbags. I’m not a huge fan of metallic shoes, but if it works for you, go for it! Check out Victoria Beckham in her long black blazer with her shiny metallic black pants and oh so cute Christian Louboutins!

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Picture Courtesy of Olsenanonymos.blogspot.com

Leather Jackets are a must for Fall!! As the weather gets cooler, you must be prepared for any weather changes, and look cool while doing it! Leather coats are edgy, sophisticated, and can make a difference to any outfit. Leather is coming back strong this season with everything from leather dress, to pants, to tops. If you cannot afford real leather, designers are making faux-leather jackets that actually look real! (I remember back in the day when you could quickly spot out who was wearing the “pleather”). Below is faux leather jacket I bought from Dress Barn last fall. What do ya think?

“Fashion on the Hudson” Fashion Show

On July 21, I had the pleasure of attending the fourth annual “Fashion of the Hudson” Fashion Show hosted by Sofia Davis and BTE-TV and sponsored by Vera Moore Cosmetics. The show featured both established and up-and-coming designers of all ages and backgrounds. The beautiful show was located on Riverbank State Park in Harlem right along the Hudson River. Featured designers included Zang Toi, The Thomas Lavone Collection, Steven Wall, and Adrian Alicea. Here are some pics from the fabulous event. What do you guys think?!

Who Can Resist a Man in a Suit?!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of escorting one of my male friends to the mall. He’s the gentlemen pictured at the top in his snazzy black vest with his purple shirt (believe it or not, he dresses up like this alllll the time for no real reason!) But after all ladies, who can resist a man in a suit? After hours of running around the mall going in and out of men’s clothing stores, we both learned a lot about the opposite sex (females are not the only ones who can be picky as hell!!). He finally had some success at Men’s Wearhouse where we bought (another) black vest. I guess you can’t go wrong with too many vest!! Though I often feel like men’s clothes are so plain and boring and have the same items over and over again, I did find some great stuff in various stores.

I fell in love with this beige suit from Bachrach Clothing Store. At just $199, it’s a suit that’ll keep the ladies looking. Its light color is perfect for the spring/summer months. I love how they paired it with a pink undershirt. It takes a real man to wear pink!! More men need to stop being “afraid” of pink….it doesn’t bite fellas!

This Alfani suit from Macy’s is hot! It’s something about a man who’s wearing black on black on black that I just love. It’s dark, mysterious and sexy. Wearing black from head to toe (properly) shows that you have a dark and edgy side and women are just dying to see it. You have something mystical about you and the ladies are just dying to know what it is!…ok maybe it’s not that extreme but either way this outfit is hot.

Aside from the fact that this guy is really hot, the suit’s not bad either. This gray Calvin Klein suit is simple, yet it adds a touch of style and grace. Gray is great because it gives you a break from the everyday black suit. Gray is very classy and sophisticated. It carries its own presence. It can be paired very simply with a white shirt and black tie as shown here or it can be paired with any color. I love grays with pinks and purples. I like this look because it’s very clean-cut yet still edgy.

For those who are trying to look good on a cheaper budget, JC Penny had some great suits at much better prices. They also carry some major brands such as Van Heusen. Whatever your budget is, don’t be afraid to play dress up once in a blue moon! Ladies work so hard to look good, it’s about time the men put in some work too! Also, fellas please don’t be afraid to step out of the box and add some color in your life! Don’t be afraid to wear pinks, purples, fuchsia, yellow! Step outside the box. As we can see, Scott Disick isn’t afraid to wear fuchsia!! (Although I wouldn’t exactly want my man to wear it like this but at least he’s secure with himself!)

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I rarely shop at H&M but when I do, I usually fall in love with somthing that doesn’t have my size. I fell in love with this black&white dress a couple weeks ago and I can seem too find it anywhere in my size! I’ve been to a couple H&M locations and no one has my size! I love this dress because its only $17.95 and the fabric is amazing. its a nice light stretchy material thats comfy and versatile. Plus its black and white print is perfect for any occasion and can be easily paried with almost any color jacket and shoes…if you guys see it in size medium anywhere in the Long Island or NYC area let me know! =)image