Fun in the sun! Ocean City Beach

Yesterday my friends and I went to Ocean City Beach, NJ! It was a beautiful day, perfect Sunday to get away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. #sundayfunday


We headed to Jersey around 9am and finally arrived around noon. It was beautiful. The OC is such a pretty beach town with beautiful houses. It seemed like a nice community with very nice people. As we were driving around, we saw people just hanging out in the yard, everyone, of course had on bathing suits in the street. They had a number of nice restaurants, many of course were seafood joints. The boardwalk was so nice and featured many places to eat, hang out and play. Almost every place served crab cakes, funnel cakes, corn dogs and curly fries!





Overall it was a nice mini-road trip. Next time, I would definitely stay there for the weekend. The boardwalk had a Ferris wheel and a mini-water park. It was such a beautiful day. I encourage you all to go visit NJ!

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