Bikini Ready! Tame and Manage Unwanted Hair for Smooth Summer Skin:)


With the beautiful summer fun comes the ugly torture of removing unwanted hair! This is something that every women dreads during the summer months when we often wear less and expose ourselves more. Unwanted hair can be embarrassing. For some women like me, it can be more a nuisance than for others. Thankfully there are solutions to unwanted fuzz, although most of the time, the solution is painful. OUch!

I recently came across this place called European Wax Centers. I was referred to EWC by a friend. I decided to try it out. EWC has over 600 locations around the country. I went to the one in Forest Hills, NY. EWC offers many products and services for ok prices. Some of the services are a little pricey in my opinion, but if you want good quality care, you have to pay for it. If you are a first time customer, you either get a free eyebrow, bikini line, or underarm wax, or you can get any other service for half off. I decided to get a Full Bikini, which was originally $40, but I paid half because I was a first time customer.

My waxist was a nice Indian woman named Rima. She was very patient with me (I’m the biggest baby when it comes to stuff like this!) and she explained everything that she was going to do as well as every product that she was going to use. Overall it was a great experience! Although it hurt, it was somewhat bearable! One thing I didn’t like about EWC was that they were trying to sell you stuff as soon as you walked in the door. You should let your services and products speak for themselves, you shouldn’t have to try hard to sell it. That was the only negative experience I had. They convinced me to buy their Serum to prevent ingrown hairs. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now I don’t see huge difference, but I’m going to try it for a little longer, maybe my skin has to get used to it.


When it comes to eyebrows, I only get them threaded now a days. It hurts like hell but threading provides more of an accurate result than waxing, in my opinion. For the past year, I’ve been going to Unique Threading Salon in Midtown Manhattan. It’s a nice threading salon that also provides waxing services and facials. Everyone in their is super nice and patient. For me, it’s so convenient because I work right across the street. I pretty much let anyone do my eyebrows there (mostly because I can never remember who did my eyebrows last….lol). I even get my legs waxed here occasionally, and it is virtually pain free! They also offer a sugar wax that’s supposed to be less painful and better for your skin.

In all my research about best hair removal practices, the best advice that I’ve found is to exfoliate your skin. If you shave, it is important to exfoliate first because exfoliating helps to get ride of the dead skin that could clog your razor. Exfoliating also helps to decrease ingrown hairs that may occur. If you want your skin to be smooth to the touch, you must exfoliate. It is extremely important to moisturize after shaving and waxing! Shaving and Waxing can remove much needed moisture from your skin, it is very important to bring back the moisture that is lost after removing hair. After shaving, I typically apply cocoa butter or Aloe Vera or some type of vitamin E. After waxing, you may want to avoid putting anything on your skin for 12-24 hours because your pores are open and it may irritate your skin. For the first 12-24 hours after waxing, you may want to only put an ingrown hair prevention serum.


Hair removal is basically a trial and error process for most people. Everyone is different so methods that work for some, may not work on others. I am mixed with Puerto Rican and Black, so my hair is thick and curly. It’s a little difficult for me to remove hair from some parts of my body because of the thickness. My skin is very prone to ingrown hairs and bumps, especially on the bikini line and on my underarms. It’s all a work in process.

There are many options for hair removal, you should try them to see what works best for you.
1. Shaving is probably the easiest and (relatively) cheapest method of hair removal. Shaving cuts hair super close to the skin, not from the root, so for women with thicker hair, it may cause ingrowns and infections. When shaving, it is important to wet the hair thoroughly and shave in the direction that hair grows. Shaving is basically painfree, but unfortunately the results don’t last long. Hair can grow back in a few hours or a few days.

2. Waxing removes the hair from the root and last much longer than shaving. Waxing can last 3-6 weeks. Waxing is a little pricey. At home kits are available, but I would suggest to get your wax done at a salon, especially for areas such as the bikini line. At salons, however, you must be careful that the waxist does not double dip. Make sure your waxist doesn’t place the same stick in the wax twice.


3. Laser-hair removal is a costlier option, although some may argue that it’s cheaper than long-term waxing or shaving. A laser is used to destroy the hair’s root permanently. It usually takes about 6-8 sessions to permanently remove the hair. Touch-up sessions are advised. The problem with laser is that it doesn’t work on everyone. The best candidates for laser hair removal are women with fair or light skin and dark hair. I tried laser hair removal and it seems like the hair grew right back. My skin is too tan.

4. Depilatories are a popular method for hair removal. These creams use a chemical to dissolve the protein that make up the hair. Depilatories are said to last a little longer than shaving, but not as long as waxing. Depilatories are not recommended for the genital area or eyebrows.


5. Tweezing is a method that pulls hair from the root. Tweezing is kind of painful and is best used for small areas such as eyebrows, lip, or chin.

6. Threading is an ancient technique that uses a thin thread to pluck hair at the follicle level. Typically used for eyebrows, it provides more of a precise control. Since it doesn’t use any chemicals, it is better for your skin that waxing.

Guys don’t understand how hard it is to be a girl! Feel free to try different methods and let me know how it works out for you. If unwanted hair is a real problem for you, or you may think it is do to a hormonal imbalance, you may want to seek professional help from a dermatologist. Good luck in these summer months ladies. ūüôā Stay smooth.



Fun in the sun! Ocean City Beach

Yesterday my friends and I went to Ocean City Beach, NJ! It was a beautiful day, perfect Sunday to get away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. #sundayfunday


We headed to Jersey around 9am and finally arrived around noon. It was beautiful. The OC is such a pretty beach town with beautiful houses. It seemed like a nice community with very nice people. As we were driving around, we saw people just hanging out in the yard, everyone, of course had on bathing suits in the street. They had a number of nice restaurants, many of course were seafood joints. The boardwalk was so nice and featured many places to eat, hang out and play. Almost every place served crab cakes, funnel cakes, corn dogs and curly fries!





Overall it was a nice mini-road trip. Next time, I would definitely stay there for the weekend. The boardwalk had a Ferris wheel and a mini-water park. It was such a beautiful day. I encourage you all to go visit NJ!

Curly Hair Don’t Care: Gorgeous Summer Curls Now!

It’s finally that time of year again people! ¬†The time for BBQ’s, short shorts, crop tops, and beautiful beach hair! ¬†All my people up north know that we deserve this warm weather, especially after the insane winter we experienced. ¬†It’s time to be summertime fine:) ¬†During the summer, no one wants to spend time fussing with the flat iron or the blow dryer, especially when the humidity is going to turn your hair into a frizz ball anyway. ¬†Here’s how to make the best the summer and get beautiful frizz-free summer curls that are beach, pool and BBQ ready.
The key to beautiful curls is moisture! ¬†Hair needs to be well moisturized and conditioned, otherwise it’ll be dry, frizzy, and limp. ¬†No matter if I decide to style my hair curly or straight, deep conditioner is my best friend. ¬†One of my favorite deep conditioners is a Wheat Germ Mask by Salerm. ¬†I usually apply it once a week with a conditioning cap. ¬†It keeps my dry, thick hair well balanced and moisturized. ¬†For a more natural conditioner, you can also use foods you already have in your kitchen. ¬†You can make your own conditioner using one egg, a couple spoonfuls of mayonnaise, and a tea spoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ¬†Avocado and bananas also work to moisturize and condition the hair.


Now adays, there are tons of products on the market for curly hair. ¬†It’s a game of trial and error. ¬†If you hair is fine, you may only need mousse. ¬†If your hair is thicker, you may need a leave-in conditioner or a curly custard or styler. ¬†Some great brands that I’ve tried are Mixed Chicks, Cantu, Kinky-Curly, Curls Unleased and Miss Jessie’s. One product in particular that my roommate recently tried and loves is Miss Jessie’s Multi-Cultural Curls.

multi culturalcurls unleasedmixed chicksmelissa carme broomkimlin

But wait, lettme take a selfie:) ¬†Let’s get selfie ready and let the summer fun begin!! ¬†Another tip for curly fun in the sun is if you’re going to use different products on your hair, try your best to use the same brand. ¬†For example, Kinky-Curly’s styling custard goes best with Kinky-Curly’s Knot- today leave-in detangler. ¬†Of course, everyone’s hair is different so if different products work for you, great. ¬†Depending on the product, you can use a diffuser after application or just let it it hair-dry. ¬†Typically in the summer, I let my hair air-dry. ¬†It feels soo good to have wet hair in the NY heat. ¬†Follow me on instragram @Mi55Tiffani and show me some of your fav summertime styles! ¬†Summer has just begun my friends:)

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