Who Can Resist a Man in a Suit?!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of escorting one of my male friends to the mall. He’s the gentlemen pictured at the top in his snazzy black vest with his purple shirt (believe it or not, he dresses up like this alllll the time for no real reason!) But after all ladies, who can resist a man in a suit? After hours of running around the mall going in and out of men’s clothing stores, we both learned a lot about the opposite sex (females are not the only ones who can be picky as hell!!). He finally had some success at Men’s Wearhouse where we bought (another) black vest. I guess you can’t go wrong with too many vest!! Though I often feel like men’s clothes are so plain and boring and have the same items over and over again, I did find some great stuff in various stores.

I fell in love with this beige suit from Bachrach Clothing Store. At just $199, it’s a suit that’ll keep the ladies looking. Its light color is perfect for the spring/summer months. I love how they paired it with a pink undershirt. It takes a real man to wear pink!! More men need to stop being “afraid” of pink….it doesn’t bite fellas!

This Alfani suit from Macy’s is hot! It’s something about a man who’s wearing black on black on black that I just love. It’s dark, mysterious and sexy. Wearing black from head to toe (properly) shows that you have a dark and edgy side and women are just dying to see it. You have something mystical about you and the ladies are just dying to know what it is!…ok maybe it’s not that extreme but either way this outfit is hot.

Aside from the fact that this guy is really hot, the suit’s not bad either. This gray Calvin Klein suit is simple, yet it adds a touch of style and grace. Gray is great because it gives you a break from the everyday black suit. Gray is very classy and sophisticated. It carries its own presence. It can be paired very simply with a white shirt and black tie as shown here or it can be paired with any color. I love grays with pinks and purples. I like this look because it’s very clean-cut yet still edgy.

For those who are trying to look good on a cheaper budget, JC Penny had some great suits at much better prices. They also carry some major brands such as Van Heusen. Whatever your budget is, don’t be afraid to play dress up once in a blue moon! Ladies work so hard to look good, it’s about time the men put in some work too! Also, fellas please don’t be afraid to step out of the box and add some color in your life! Don’t be afraid to wear pinks, purples, fuchsia, yellow! Step outside the box. As we can see, Scott Disick isn’t afraid to wear fuchsia!! (Although I wouldn’t exactly want my man to wear it like this but at least he’s secure with himself!)

This picture is courtesy of MusingsofaPassionista.wordpress.com

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