“The Little Black Dress”

So as it turns out, I’m obsessed with black.  Black is sexy, classy, professional, punk-ish, hot, stylish…basically you can never go wrong with black.  From black hair, to black nails, to black clothes, I cannot get enough of it.  Today I’m here to talk about our best friend, “The Little Black Dress”.  You can never go wrong with it!! A cute simple little black dress can make you feel sexy and confident.  It’s perfect for any occasion and it makes you look good without trying to hard.  The little black dress can help you hide your tummy, show off your sexy legs or your toned arms.  Make sure you pick the right type of dress for your body type.  For example, if you want to add some shape to a “non-shapely” body, you might want to add a belt or a string to tie your waste in.  If you want to add some color, you may want to add a brightly colored belt such as pink, red, green, yellow, etc. to add a pop.  Or to add a pop of color, you can pair some bright-colored shoes or a bright purse.  The number one rule is to accessorize!! Whether it be some stand out earrings, bracelets, blazer, purse, etc, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!  Here are some ways to wear a little black dress…..ImageHere is how Kim Kardashian wears her sexy little black dress.Image

Picture courtesy of staraandstyle.com.

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